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FADER Mix: DJ Slimzee

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It’s about time to crown me / Crown Slimzee / He’s the one who found me, rapped grime legend Wiley on “Us Against The World,” one of the many tracks he famously leaked in his zip file giveaway in 2010. The guy he wants to crown is his former fellow Pay As U Go Cartel crew member, DJ Slimzee—also one of the founding DJs at the now-legal pirate radio station Rinse FM. After a period out of the limelight, Slimzee’s recently started to receive some much-deserved shine for his part in the rise of grime in the UK capital. As well as a regular show on London’s NTS Radio, he’s been touring hard—including a spate in the States—and even found himself on the other side of the vinyl when NYC producers Jubilee and Star Eyes turned his Rinse radio shouts into a banger. For his FADER Mix, however, Slimzee went back to his UK garage roots and the result is the finest selection of skippy summer jams to keep you going all night long. Dive in below, and scroll down to scope the vintage tracklist and find out why Slimzee thinks grime is finally catching on overseas.

Full story and tracklisting at The Fader

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“Go back to go forward”: Underground legend Noodles on UK garage, acid house and the benefits of dog-loaning

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Noodles is one of the good guys.

Over the last decade or so, he’s been regarded warmly by the (post) dubstep generation thanks to the foundational late ’90s tracks he and El-B released under the Groove Chronicles banner, particularly ‘Stone Cold’ with its Reese low-end sample that inspired all the bassline pressure that followed, and its clipped drums that echo through Burial and all his million would-be clones. But although he’s one of dance music’s great enthusiasts and proselytisers – and someone who knows how to tell a cracking yarn and namedrop like a boss to boot – he’s not really done anything visible bar keep the DPR label ticking along, pushing out a few idiosyncratic garage/dubstep acts’ releases along the way, and pop up occasionally to do a greatest-hits-of-garage DJ set here and there.

Not that those sets were anything to sniff at, mind. Each time he’s popped up, he’s reminded us what a dynamite DJ he is – mixing up a storm in old school, strictly-vinyl fashion with the instinctive selection and sequencing that befits a record shop trouper who sold a significant percentage of the vinyl bought in London through the 1990s. Indeed, “that” DJ EZ set for Boiler Room / RBMA – the one that single handedly pushed EZ’s career into overdrive – would likely not have been so electric had Noodles and MC Creed so successfully vibed up the room at the start of the night.

Full interview at FactMag

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The Rise and Fall of the Junglist by David Sullivan

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Mickey Finn

Micky Finn and Uncle Dugs on the Rise and Fall of the Junglist

Jungle, as pioneering DJ Micky Finn describes it, “the bastard child of dance music.” The underground movement born in Hackney, destined to take over the world. The love child of London’s sound system culture, and the late 80s wide eyed infatuation with hardcore and Euro techno rave. It produced an inclusive sound that enchanted estates, cities, counties and countries among every race throughout the early 90s. Brought together in ultimate ecstasy and destroyed by cocaine and champagne.

We speak to two resounding figureheads within the genre to explore jungle’s rapid rise, and its ultimate demise. We have the ground-breaking jungle ‘Badass’ and innovative rave forefather Micky Finn, and Uncle Dugs – established into jungle as a raver, who now continues to champion the sound throughout Rinse FM airwaves and relentless Ribena raves.

“I think it was a natural progression from the music that we were all playing at that time,” Micky Finn explains the birth of jungle. From starting a DJ career in 1988, Finn worked throughout the acid house movement and the hardcore scene. “A few people started using ragga samples, bottom end basslines and breakbeats. All of a sudden, because that worked really well in the hardcore scene, it became huge and people loved it. You just had a jungle scene born out of that.”

Full story at JunglistNetwork

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Elements August 2014 Lineup

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elements aug 2014

[ August 7, 2014 10:00 pm to August 8, 2014 2:00 am. ]


07 Big & Dope aka Fig & Soap
14 Doc Scott
21 Dara – Evolution of Drum & Bass Tour 1994 – 2004
28 Residents Crook, Lenore, & Fox

DrumnBass Thursdays since 1999
19+ | 10pm – 2am
Phoenix Landing
512 Mass Ave, Central Square, Cambridge

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Undrig – Beltek 2014

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Undrig – Beltek 2014 by Undrig on Mixcloud

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03.08.2014 – Dev/Null (Blog to the Oldskool) – Tracklist Included

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Full tracklisting on the full post…

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The History of the UK Garage Family Tree (version 1)

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A fairly robust and accurate timeline.

It’s really pretty incredible that after almost 20 years, the influence of the UK Garage genre is still very present. From its early incarnations around 1994, British Garage has had a huge impact over urban music in the UK with artists like Dizzee Rascal, Burial, Wiley, The Streets, Ms Dynamite. It has achieved both underground and commercial success.

The family tree of UKG’s sub-genres is an absolutely fascinating piece of modern music history. In 20 years it has created / influenced : 2step, Speed Garage, Dubstep, Bassline, Grime, UK Funky and not to mention all the other genres it influenced outside of the Garage spectrum.

Classic Garage undertones are still being felt in the present underground music landscape with the new wave of artists like SBTKRT, Jacques Greene, Disclosure, CRST, Falty DL, Mosca, Preditah and tons of others all paying homage to the roots of UKG…

Full story at Music Is My Sanctuary

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“Celebrating the life” of MC SPARKS, they way it should be done…

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Skream – Come With Me (Documentary)

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Review: Starkey & Dev79 Present – Street Bass Anthems Vol 7

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Street Bass Anthems Vol 7

Straight Outta Philly! The stateside Grime and Bass bass Dynamic Duo of Starkey and Dev79 drop volume 7 of their Street Bass Anthems compilation on July 28th. This release features tracks from Starkbot and Dev79 themselves as well as a cast of co-conspirators from around the globe.

The opening MIR Handstand by the Seclusiasis label heads themselves is a patchwork quilt of different Grime patterns and switch-ups that keeps you guessing and delivers surprises one after another in a very polished and up front package. From there Street Bass Anthems 7 rolls through Juke, Hip-Hop, and Baltimore Club influenced numbers as well as other straight up Grime bits. This compilation takes you on a full tour of Grime out of the box, mashing up traditionally UK and US based influences into a coherent whole…

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Damian Silva

Friday, August 1
at Good Life Boston
Doors 9:30 | 21+ | $10

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Turning CDs Into LPs, With a Twist

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Record CDs

London musician Aleksander Kolkowski is giving new life to a dying musical format—by turning it into an even older format. His idea: repurpose the compact disc to play like its musical predecessor, the vinyl record. “I’m taking the optical digital back to analogue,” he says.

Using a modified Wilcox-Gay Recordette—a 1950s home stereo and recording device—Kolkowski cuts grooves into a CD, making it playable on a turntable. The re-engineered CD plays at 45 rotations per minute for up to two minutes and 50 seconds. The audio result is “a nice, warm sound, like it’s been remastered through an overdriven tube amplifier.”

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